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Trump — with some help from his former top aide Stephen Bannon — seem to be quite willing to attack Republicans who don’t toe their line, and that could force some Republicans into an uneasy choice.Chris Christie: It may not be terribly surprising, given the overwhelming polling evidence that already showed New Jersey hates its two-term, outgoing governor, but the numbers Tuesday in the Garden State were damning.Senate Republicans unveiled their big tax proposal Thursday, with Sen.Orrin Hatch (R., Utah) hailing it as a way to “give hard working taxpayers across the country growing paychecks” and create a “vibrant” economy.And as the night progresses, it’s looking like it will be even better than they might have hoped.Democrats’ redistricting hopes: After the 2016 election, the Fix’s Amber Phillips and I spotlighted seven governors’ races in the coming years that would be huge for Democrats’ ability to prevent another drubbing in redistricting after the 2020 Census. Basically, Democrats in many swing states are in such rough shape in their state legislatures that they need to win the governor’s mansion to prevent the GOP from drawing their next state legislative and congressional maps.Under the House bill, 31 percent of middle-class households would pay higher taxes by 2027, the Tax Policy Center found. Yes, the lower rate doesn’t kick in until 2019, a one-year delay from what Trump promised, but it’s still coming.These businesses also get to deduct any new equipment purchases right away, another tax savings.

It even looked like they might somehow take the majority — something that seemed unthinkable.

The number who said Christie made them more likely to back Guadagno was in the single digits.

We’re a long way from Christie’s 22-point reelection win just four short years ago.

For a time, it seemed that the strategy might be helping Gillespie close the gap, but it doesn’t seem to have allowed him to close the gap much at all.

And the idea that this is a way forward for the GOP in winning elections in swing states like Virginia was certainly dealt a setback.

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